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Top 4 social platforms to advertise on in 2020

Social platforms are an essential element of spreading your brand online. Without a strong presence on different social channels, it is difficult for your brand to gain popularity and traction at the same time. Is your business marketing plan ready to take on 2020? Let us explain these platforms and why you should be actively posting and building awareness for your brand.


To this day Facebook remains to be the biggest social media platform and one of the most widely used. Having a page for your business where you could share updates, deals, help concerned customers and earn potential new ones is crucial to your brand. This is where you build a community that loves and follows your brand as you grow.

Many would say that Facebook marketing in 2020 is dead but according to this graph, you could see that Facebook remains on top contrary to popular belief.

Social Media Channels – Buffer


-Ability to run many different campaigns targeting different audiences and segments.

-Video performs better than the rest of post options.

-Creating content that is relevant and story-forward.

-Build for the future by making sure you have a growing community.


Twitter is the second most popular social media platform in 2020. It’s users are always seeking out new information and are interested to know more about the new trends. This makes it easy for you to post new updates about your business, stay in touch with your fans, real-time search, trend monitoring and most importantly you could utilize Twitter as your customer service platform as well.

You’ll often see people post what’s wrong with the product they purchased or a recent visit to a business so it’s in your best interest to make sure that you monitor tweets about you and respond to them in a timely fashion so they don’t get out of hand. You could either hire someone to stay on top of this (Upwork & Fiverr) if your business has reached that level or if you’re starting out then we would suggest allocating some time every couple of days to find those posts and respond back in a professional and helpful way. 

Here is a beautiful info-graphic on Twitter advertising by Ad Parlor:

Twitter Stats -Adparlor


-Check out Twitter Flight School. The official Twitter certification where you could understand the platform in and out.

-Organically: make sure you utilize hashtags when posting because this helps your content get noticed.

-Set alerts for yourself to go through twitter and respond to customer issues.


LinkedIn has become the Facebook of the professional world. The platform is ideal for people who are professionals and need to display their resume/achievements to the world. Once you polish your profile, you are ready to link up with other professionals. Whether this is someone you work with or someone you would like to get to know better. There’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to people that you admire or would like to work with. 

LinkedIn offers something that other social platforms don’t which is the knowledge that they pertain about the industry that their members are in. This is crucial information to take away because it helps you target your ideal customers on a different scale. Not only could you target geographically or many other granular ways but LinkedIn knows what their job titles are so you could target decision makers within companies or IT professionals if that’s what your business is in the market for. 

Here’s an info graphic made by LinkedIn about the use of their advertising platform:

LinkedIn Audience – LinkedIn/Social4retail


-Do NOT sleep on LinkedIn. We urge you to give LinkedIn a chance and see how it differs from the rest.

-Granular ways of targeting your ideal audiences.

-Average household income is $86,000. This gives you plenty of opportunity to find people that have the money to buy what you are selling.


If you are already advertising on Facebook then it’s extremely easy to advertise on Instagram at the same time. As you know Instagram was purchased by Facebook and it is easily the biggest contributor to it’s financial stability year after year. 

Instagram has a great page that shows you just some of the things that you could do with it’s marketing platform and what it could do for your business.

Instagram Users – www.soravjain.com

This info-graphic shows the monumental reach that Instagram has and why you it is the easiest choice for marketing your business in 2020.


-Allows you to grow your brand through visual content that links back to your site or landing page.

-Depending on your business, you are now able to run shopping ads that makes it extremely simple to purchase your product through the post. Instagram Shopping Ads

-Ability to reach influencers which have a trusted following of their own and sponsor them which in return brings in a lot of new customers for your business.


We hope this helps you understand a few things about the top social platforms to advertise on in 2020 and if you have any comments or questions you’d like to add, please comment below!

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